Sunday, March 13, 2016

Constantly On The Go

Two days ago I reached my eighteenth month anniversary at this new job driving a dedicated flat-bed position for SAPA aluminum through Knight Transportation.  I have been overwhelmingly pleased with my situation here - it has so many positives to it that help you be successful.  One of them is consistency - I'm serving a dedicated customer who always has work for me to do.  I'm never sitting off somewhere in a part of the country where the freight happens to be slow for a few days, and even if I am off somewhere like that they don't bother with waiting around to find me something, they just go ahead and tell me to start back toward Delhi, Louisiana so that I can get one of the many loads they have there waiting for a driver to get.  My good friend Paul Anderson, who was instrumental in bringing this great job to my attention will be leaving here soon.  He has desires to run out in the Western states, and he has gotten bored with the same routines involved with this job.  I wish him the best, and have tried to point out to him the really positive things about this situation, but he has never done a true over the road job like I have, and he wants to see what it is like.  I will miss him.  He started here at Knight, and I can understand his desire to see if there is some greener grass out there beyond what he has only known.

Forgive me for the quality of this photo, but I just couldn't get it to work properly on this electronic display in my dashboard.  I wanted you to notice the mileage on my odometer - I took this photo on the eighteenth month anniversary of driving this truck for Knight.

Can you make out that number?  250,002 miles.  If I remember correctly, when I was issued this truck it had just a little over 40,000 miles on it.  In eighteen months I have driven this truck a lot of miles!

I enjoy this job, but I miss being with my family very much.  It is a balancing act that is nothing short of difficult.  As you can see I am constantly on the go.  I have been remiss in posting on my blog lately, but I will try to be a little more active as I can.  I have really been busy lately, and my down time is usually spent on resting up for the next go at it.  I have so many things transpire while out on the road that they all become memories very quickly, I need to keep posting some of this stuff just for the sake of chronicling the things that take place out on the road.  I have heard this career be described as living three or four lifetimes, and I believe that is a good way of putting it,  You see so many things when living on the road, and come across so many characters that it all starts to run together as one big blur, like the trees passing by my window as I'm rolling down the highway.