Sunday, September 27, 2015

Whatcha Having BooBoo?

Okay, so one of the strange things about this lifestyle of being an over the road truck driver is eating in these little diners all across the country.  The waitresses all call you "hon," or "sweetie," or some such nonsense... I mean they don't even know you at all, and as best I can tell they are just trying to figure out the best angle to get you to leave a decent tip on the table for them.  Am I being too cynical?  Now I'm older than most of them, and usually their silly pet names for me only serve to make me feel like I'm some old guy who belongs in a nursing home - that's just me.  I know another truck driver who really likes for them to call him those silly little names, he says he thinks they really mean it when they say it, and it makes him feel good.  He is older than me, and he has had three failed marriages, maybe he needs such superficial attentions.  I can do without them myself, I'm just in for a meal, not any sort of companionship.

Recently I was in a little restaurant in Savannah, Georgia and the title that I gave to this post was the way my waitress greeted me.  She then proceeded to call me "BooBoo" for the rest of my very uncomfortable meal.  I guess I should just get over it, but it bothers me when people call me these silly names.  I'm kind of trying to lose a little weight right now, and am on a makeshift diet of my own creation.  Because of that I am eating out a little less.  I won't have to put up with as many waitresses that way, so maybe I won't mind it as much when they try to act like I'm their best friend.  Truck driving is a crazy way to live, and many of the drivers do seem to be real lonely.  I am careful about sitting at the lunch counter because you can bet another driver is going to saddle up next to you and start trying to bend your ear! I guess I am somewhat of a loner, I really just want to go inside the restaurant to relax, be away from the truck for a while and enjoy my solitude and my meal.

It's kind of funny because I really do enjoy hosting friends at my house for a meal at times.  I'm not anti-social by any means, but a meal for me is an intimate setting.  There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting around a delicious home cooked meal with close friends or family and enjoying each other's company while at the same time enjoying each other's food - it is one of life's simple pleasures.  I guess I abhor pretense, and when you come up to a total stranger and start calling them "BooBoo," as if you are very fond of them, then it grates against my sensibilities.

Sorry I haven't bee posting anything lately,,, I got a comment from Sarah recently saying I needed to post something because my "faithful readers" were missing me.  Ha Ha!  Those words "faithful readers" tickled me - I didn't know if anybody was reading my drivel, and I certainly wouldn't consider anyone a "faithful reader" of this completely unknown diary.  I've really been busy moving around, and I've been helping out a little on Trucking Truth.  Extra time is something I don't get a lot of, and lately I've just been trying to make sure I am well rested before I start my next driving shift.  I will try to get back into the habit of posting something here... for my "faithful readers" of course... all three of them!

I just left out of a port on Tampa Bay Florida with some aluminum logs that went to Gainesville, Georgia.  I am now in Delhi, Louisiana picking up a load of extrusions that are going to South Texas. My first stop will be in the border town of San Benito, and the second stop is in the coastal town of Corpus Christi.  After that I am going through Nacogdoches for a brief visit at home.  Last time I was home I had a nice lengthy stay, and I ordered some new glasses from my eye doctor.  This trip I will pick up my new glasses, and maybe I will be able to see what I'm doing now!